Following our successful delivery of Perth Zoo's new Café & Function Centre, Crothers Construction is proud to announce the completion of the new Perth Zoo Playground.

Completed in September 2023, the $3.8M project is designed to be accessible for children of all abilities. Hassell's unique nature-based and cutting-edge design celebrates Perth Zoo's unique animals and ongoing conservation work.

This one-of-a-kind playground includes a "cloud deck", a climbable giant Numbat, rope tunnels, swinging ropes, feather hammocks, slides, audio spotlights and more. A mister system simulates a cloud while model cockatoos fly overhead, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and excitement.

Forming a part of the Zoo's 20-year Master Plan, these works are a once-in-a-generation, long-term redevelopment, and Crothers Construction is proud to be a part of this ambitious and historical project for Perth Zoo.